Osman: State law will turn against al-Maliki

Baghdad / Orr News
Kurdistan Alliance said that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki can not stay in office without an understanding with the blocks and the implementation of political agreements, and pointed out that al-Maliki Satfajo coup some components of the National Coalition and its partners in the law against him.
The MP said Mahmoud Othman said al-Maliki can not stay in office and will not be president of a successful non-government understanding and consensus with the political blocs willy-nilly.
He indicated that it is not possible to block or to any component that runs the country, alone, and even the National Alliance will not support it at that.
Osman added that the inability of the prime minister of understanding with other parties outside the bloc and his coalition will not make it able to stay in office as prime minister, successful, and pointed out that all the possibilities and the options list and the award, and that al-Maliki may be surprised by a coup of some components of the coalition or its partners of the coalition against him similar to the positions of leader of the Sadrist movement, and noted that these shifts in attitudes and coups will depend on how the evolution of the crisis and the prime minister's position in dealing with it. The Kurdistan Alliance MP that the procedures to move the process of withdrawal of confidence continuous and coincides with the mobility of mediation and attempts to bring the views of resolving the current crisis. And Osman said that "the National Alliance is responsible for the prime minister if he got there a consensus within the alliance to determine a substitute for other personal-Maliki to head the government will end the crisis of confidence or questioning and other problems." He noted that "not convinced of the National Alliance options emerging from the crisis, the issue will lead to repercussions of difficult and complex." He explained that "all the political blocs are responsible for what is happening now, but Maliki assume greater responsibility as the Prime Minister and Commander of the armed forces and hand all things, for this is borne by what is happening now." Osman said, "the Prime Minister know that he or others if he wants to be a successful Prime Minister that it complies with all the political blocs and there is a national partnership and real, unlike this country can not manage because the prime minister of Iraq, is it to please all parties. " He added that "al-Maliki has not succeeded so far in his administration and the political blocs is not satisfied and there are many problems and everyone is supposed to sit with each other inside out by Parliament unconstitutional."