04/06/2012 2:05
32 signature forged in the campaign .. And the Sadrists confirms its commitment to the unity of the National Alliance
BAGHDAD - Al Sabah

As he continues President Jalal Talabani, his efforts to hold a meeting between the political parties to resolve the crisis, sources said the coalition of state law to disclose 32 state procurators of the existing Iraqi forging their signatures in a campaign to withdraw confidence from the government, while confirmed the Sadrists to preserve the unity of the National Alliance of priorities .

He was the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman, President of the Republic stuck to his initiative and to continue his efforts to persuade the political blocs to dialogue and to hold a meeting to end the crisis between the parties.

Osman said in a statement to »morning», that «the Iraqi issue has taken an international character and came from being an internal problem and there is a mediation of neighboring countries like Turkey to Iraq and Iran, according to the different directions

With looming Turkey to the parties in favor of it to the solution lies in the withdrawal of confidence from the government, seeking Iran through interviews conducted by its officials with Iraqi leaders to persuade the parties to resolve the crisis without the confidence of the government », stressing that the solution must be an Iraqi, because the internationalization of the issue compounded On the opposing parties to resort to dialogue and constitutional frameworks to address the problems and find a solution to an Iraqi, an Iraqi and a vision to end the crisis.

In the meantime, MP for the coalition of state law Hussein net »Sabah» for the presence of more than 32 deputies in the Iraqi List, has been forging their signatures, have crossed the coalition disagreed with the proposed withdrawal of confidence, and that they have objections to it », describing the forged signatures as the confiscation of their desires, which represents the will of their constituents and their commitment to the constitutional oath.

He went on net »Sabah»: The «President of the Republic recognizes the signatures presented to him, but after receiving objections from the Vice-rigging their signatures by the other deputies of the bloc, he asked to confirm each Deputy signing so that knowledge of a quorum to deal with the situation according to the frameworks of constitutional/

In turn, revealed the decision of the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives Omar Jubouri unconstitutional campaign to collect signatures adopted by some political blocs to withdraw confidence from the government. As MP for the cluster white Ahmed Oraibi that the meeting held yesterday the first of 49 MPs from different blocks, except the National Alliance, for refusing to withdraw confidence from the government. said Oraibi in a press statement: «combines a number of deputies numbered to 49 deputies from most of the political blocs, except for the National Alliance, were divided by 11 deputies of the cluster white and 3 deputies of the mass of patriots and 2 of the coalition of the center The two MP Ali Alsjeri and MP Eifan al-Issawi, as well as 33 representatives from the Iraqi List, who dispersed them also by 9 deputies of the mass of the dialogue, and 5 of the mass of the solution and 4 from the list of renewal and 9 of the mass of national reconciliation, and 6 deputies of the mass of Iraqis.

He stressed that the meeting Ureybi issued a statement containing three points, the first is the »support the political process» and the second «refused to withdraw the confidence of the Maliki government» and the third «emphasis on success through going to the National Conference of Dialogue.

In the meantime, the Sadr movement said that maintaining the unity of the National Alliance of priorities.
A spokesman for the mass of the current parliamentary «free», bright Nagy in a press statement following the end of an extensive meeting of the Political Commission of the stream with members of the bloc, said maintaining the unity of the coalition of the priorities of the Sadrist movement which adheres to the option and unity, calling for the presidency of the National Alliance to consult with its components for the purpose of selection of a alternative to Maliki as prime minister that the position of the maturity of the alliance. to that confirmed trend, the move to a referendum to take the opinion of the people to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki or not has nothing to support a constitutional, stressing at the same time, it will involve independent civil society organizations in monitoring he does not mind and control of the involvement of the Organization of the United Nations in that process.

The MP said the Liberal bloc Hasnawi Jawad's (news center for the Iraqi Media Network) yesterday said that «the referendum has no constitutional support and was giving a decision for fear of inciting sectarianism and nationalism in the light of the crisis now».

In contrast, an MP from the coalition in Iraq Hamid Ashour in the statements attributed to him: that «this week will see the convening of a special meeting of the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister.
Noted «morning» poor attendance of the House of Representatives because of the continuation of the holiday's legislative parliament, while stressing the staff and service workers, non-arrival of any instructions to them on the creation hall meetings of Parliament, and they are awaiting the commencement of the new legislative term mid-month. In the same context, denied the decision of the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Khalidi to be President of the Council in connection with Osama Najafi call a special meeting of the House of Representatives for raising the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the government.
He said Khalidi's (Center for the news the Iraqi Media Network) that «the political blocs are now in the process of gathering signatures, and that this matter be completed in the event of the validity of the President of the Republic». In reference to send a request to withdraw confidence from the government.