Baghdad (news) .. MP for the / Kurdish coalition blocs / Haji Mahdi, that the members of the Kurdistan Alliance will present signatures of no confidence in Prime Minister Maliki to the President to persuade him to withdraw confidence in order to complete a sufficient number according to the Iraqi constitution.

Said Haji (for the Agency news) on Sunday: The president, Jalal Talabani, submitted a request for withholding confidence from Maliki to the House of Representatives in accordance with Article (67) of the Constitution which provides for the President of the Republic to its core functions is to maintain the unity of Iraq as well as maintain the Constitution and its application.

He added: After the collection of signatures are submitted to the House of Representatives and this is how a constitutional, democratic, we must exercise this national culture and constitutional order to save Iraq from the subsequent crises if full consensus of political forces, not to withhold confidence from al-Maliki may be in accordance with the Constitution.

He pointed to: that the declaration of no confidence will be delayed a bit because there are members of the House of Representatives in the legislative recess, but this must wait a little bit in order to save the new legislative council to dismiss him and then submit it.