BAGHDAD Said the legal expert Tareq Harb said Article 64 of the Constitution has identified two ways to resolve the House of Representatives the way the first is the solution parliamentary other words, the House of Representatives vote to resolve their council with the consent of 163 member as members the absolute majority of members and the second path is the way the executive in the dissolution of parliament, a deal the Prime Minister and President of the Republic solution.

He explained that the possibility of the Prime Minister to ask the president to dissolve parliament and approved the President on demand and in this case, the dissolution of the parliament without the need to be approved by its members of any solution that Executive be binding on the Congress, will not Abe from Abe discontent of dissatisfaction and satisfaction of satisfaction.

He pointed out that this is clear from the text of Article 64 follows: dissolve the Chamber of Deputies an absolute majority of its members or request from the Prime Minister and approval of the President of the Republic so that the word or text contained means of change and the allowance is not added and the combination.

He said any solution that can either be a parliamentary, even if the refusal of Prime Minister and President of the Republic that or that the solution is an executive even if the refusal of Representatives that, knowing that the power to dissolve the House of Representatives in the countries the parliamentary equivalent of the parliamentary system of Iraq require the approval of the Prime Minister only and did not need to be approved by the President