Saturday, June 2, 2012 - Last updated at 18:38 Abu Dhabi, 14:38 GMT
Abu Dhabi - Sky News Arabic
Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq Saturday that the survival of Nuri al-Maliki at the head of government will lead to "divide the country," calling for an end to what he saw as "the era of dictatorship."
Mutlaq said a prominent Sunni leader of the coalition of "Iraq," led by Iyad Allawi, the most prominent political opponent of the owners, in a statement that "a withdrawal of confidence in the Maliki government has become a popular demand for an end to an era of dictatorship."
Mutlaq said that Maliki has sought the end of last year to remove him from office, that "the survival of Maliki as prime minister will present the national unity at risk and lead to the partition of the country and the continuation of administrative and financial corruption and more human rights violations."
He called on "all political forces" in Iraq to "the need to take responsibility for ethical, constitutional and stand as one in order to withdraw confidence from the Maliki and an end to the growing dictatorship in Iraq."
The statements made by al-Mutlaq at the time amounted to the political crisis in Iraq, an unprecedented level since the beginning of chapters on the eve of the American withdrawal before six months, has become paralyzed in the development of state institutions and threatening the security and the economy.
After the crisis was a revolve around the Prime Minister accused of exclusivity to power, in recent weeks has taken a more serious turn with the introduction of the issue of withdrawal of confidence from al-Maliki, the Shi'ite strong man who has ruled since 2006.
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