Legal expert: not mind the constitution to a referendum on the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister, but passed by him in accordance with Article 131
On: Friday 06/01/2012 20:01

Baghdad (news) .. Said the legal expert Tariq Harb, The Constitution of the not mind of a popular referendum on the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister, not even that he passed in Article 131 of it to hold the referendum and there was a law of the referendum on the draft Constitution No. 11 of 2005 issued by the National Assembly as the Iraqi parliament, the first approved by the Council presidency in 11/10/2005.
The war (of the Agency news) on Friday: that the Constitution was approved by referendum in accordance with the 15/10/2005 law contains the following question: Do you agree on a draft of the Constitution? "The answer is" yes "or" no. "

And the war: that the law set a secret ballot as a way to answer it also stipulated that reach the age of twelve for the Iraq as a condition for participation in the referendum and that means that if the intention to hold a referendum on the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the government, this requires the passage of the Law of the House of Representatives determines the mechanism of the referendum .
The legal expert: The language of the referendum and the word boy, said if it is following in his expression, and the question of Astftith Vavtani, and Aftith if I answered the question about, such as His saying, "Say: Allah alresalah Evticm." And termed the referendum, is to present a topic on the people to take his approval or rejection so that the separation of the people in some of the important things do not suffice to the opinion of the parliament. / End / 1. N. R /