Resan: economic parliamentary will go to the application of tariff specified timing

5.30.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad (news) rejected by the Economic Commission National Alliance MP Abdul Hussein Resan postponing the implementation of the Tariff Act on the schedule for the protection of the domestic product, pointing out that his committee split its opinion on the implementation of the law after demand the government to delay it. said Resan (of the Agency news): The members of the Economic Commission parliamentary Anctroa their opinion on the date of the application of the Tariff Act Some of them believe not to be postponed and the other goes with the government to postpone it. He stressed: that a small number of members of the House of Representatives express his opinion, professional side independently and according to his experience of scientific and experience the process in their respective fields, and the majority tend to the government Federal and sharing of opinion as the executive and responsible in the state. He added that many of the owners of industrial plants in Iraq are demanding the imposition of tariffs to protect their product, indicating that the law had previously been postponed three times by the government as a result of the presence of internal and external pressures from local merchants as well as by exporters. He guessed Resan: go the majority of his committee not to be postponed and will be implemented as scheduled. It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Council of Ministers has asked the House of Representatives to postpone the implementation of the Tariff Act pending the completion of necessary legal procedures with the application. The Ministry of Finance has announced last February for start applying tariffs on imported goods and commodities at the end of next June.

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