Barzani receives an invitation to visit Russia and the Russians .. READY for the development of oil and gas sector
On: Wednesday 05/30/2012 12:53

Arbil (news) .. Received the President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani, the invitation of Russian Foreign Minister invited to visit Russia, Barzani handed over to the representative of the President Mikheil Bgdanov Russia's special Middle East Affairs, Deputy Russian Foreign Minister and the delegation accompanying him.
A statement from the presidency of the region received the Office of the Agency (news) in Arbil, a copy of it: The President Barzani discussed with
Bgdanov bilateral relations between Russia and the Kurdistan Region and the need to promote a way that serves the best interests of the two peoples, and peace of the Special Representative of the President of Russia for the Middle East Message from Foreign Minister of his country to President Barzani, inviting him to visit Russia in the second half of this year.

The statement added that the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation stressed that Moscow attaches great importance to this visit to President Barzani and are designed to establish strong foundations for this historical relationship, and he said that the Russian people had great sympathy for the people of Kurdistan and President Barzani in particular.

He said the country was falling short of the development of those relations, but the time has come now to work hard to strengthen relations, especially since the Kurdistan Region and thanks to the wise policy of the leadership of the Kurdish is now a focus of attention of all countries of the world, stressing that Russia has decided to assist the region with all our strength in various areas, especially in the fields of oil and gas and the economy and trade, and Russia is waiting for a signal from President Barzani, who has a special place in Russian and in particular the Kurds in Russia who see him as president, to move and do the work Yuklhm them.

The statement noted: The Yuri Chembrana President of the Union producers of Russian oil to explain plan his union about how to develop oil and gas sector and praised the policy in Kurdistan in this regard, describing her policy a success, and declared that the coming of the Union producers of Russian oil is a reference to the arrival of all Russian companies to the region Kurdistan, which has today the status of mission in the region.

The statement stressed: that President Barzani for his part accepted the invitation made to him by the Russian leadership and pointed to the prospective relations between the two peoples of Kurdistan and the Russian and explained that the common ground and brings great sympathy for both sides.

He emphasized the desire and determination in the region expand the horizons of the relationship and coordination and deepen the friendly relations with the Russian Federation, have also been eating the course of events and bet the political situation and updates on the level of Iraq and the region in general.