Adviser to Maliki: Prime Minister will not resign at the height of his popularity Posted: May 23, 2012 in Iraqi
Said media adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi said al-Maliki would not resign and that this matter out of the question is at the height of his popularity.

Moussawi said for the newspaper “An Nahar” that “in front of me a poll conducted by U.S. on 20 April, suggests that Maliki said at the height of his popularity, and not out of the question to give al-Maliki’s resignation voluntary exit from the crisis, adding that he was masterful in winning the liabilities and not in their making, He believed that al-Maliki “wants to build the rule of law and the Constitution and the others do not want that.”

He explained that the alignment between the latter against the Sadrists and Maliki’s “Iraqi List” came because of the desire to get the prime minister from both parties as well as Maliki’s refusal based on the Constitution in the case of border crossings on the basis of law and the Constitution and the others do not wish to do so.