Political blocs confirms possession of a quorum to oust Prime Minister

On: Tuesday 22/5/2012 7:48

 Baghdad / term
Changing map of proposed solutions to the current political crisis, with changing times and scenarios of no-confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. Latest developments came from a coalition of state law, where he confirmed his support for any candidate not to contribute to a mass of no confidence in Maliki. As pointed out a rapprochement between him and the mass of the National Dialogue led by Saleh al-Mutlaq.

The MP said the coalition Albzona Jawad told the "term" that "a coalition of state law would not support any candidate contributes a mass of no confidence in the Maliki government, whether from within the National Alliance or from outside."
He emphasized that "Maliki is the only candidate for a coalition of state law."
He added that "the political blocs do not want to withdraw confidence from the government as much as you want to achieve their demands," referring to a rapprochement between the coalition and the National Dialogue bloc, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq.
Furthermore, talking the news that the National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi, carrying letters from within what comes out by the meeting of Najaf last, first, directed to the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, asking him to find a replacement for al-Maliki in a week, and the second for the President to submit a formal request to parliament to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister.
With the exception of MP Al-Rubaie, the problems existing in the country is not a product of the government only, and said in a statement the "term": "If the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki left the government now, it will not solve the problems that exist because the personalization of topic is a big mistake and the first us solve problems related to lack of professional and weak institutions. "
"I hope that the meetings held in Erbil, Najaf and other major leads to solutions, not just for meetings on the achievement of these components or the interests of the parties or movements."
He explained, "We want to rise to the project the broader national because the national interest faltered, there are pitfalls in the executive, legislative and judicial council, and resolved to be in the form of stages not to meet part of the people, without the presence of the National Alliance, for example, then we will not give a lot and perhaps agree, who met in Najaf, a package of projects and laws, but Benson over the years to come. " Rubaie asked, "Where study the election law, the law of parties, and the law of presidencies, and oil and gas law," noting that the agreement on the best of these laws focus on a particular person.
For his part, Deputy Member of the Legal Committee of the spectrum Mustafa, possession of the political blocs of opposition to the Prime Minister, parliamentary votes of no confidence that qualifies them for.
Mustafa said in a statement to the extent that "the demands of the political blocs; the Kurdistan Alliance, and the Sadrists, and the Iraqi List, is the real demands can not be marginalized."
Said Mustafa, "according to the numbers of parliamentary seats, these blocks have more than 163 votes, and you can withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister.