Announcement of a new political bloc led by Chalabi .. Maliki and Sadr calls for the deadline to respond to the warning

ا Spokesman for the National Congress leader told «Middle East»: the new formation to try to strengthen the National Alliance
بغداد: حمزة مصطفى Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa

Considered the spokesman of the Iraqi National Congress led by Ahmed Chalabi, the «new political formation that has been announced, led by Chalabi is not a substitute for the National Alliance-based, but it is a consolidation». Said Mohammed al-Moussawi told «Middle East», that «this new bloc is normal for the Iraqi political dynamics whatever the political differences, especially since this configuration per collector Iraqi factions ethnically, religiously and ideologically and geographically».

In response to a question whether this configuration is an alternative or the beginning of the dismantling of alliances currently in place along ethnic and sectarian lines, Moussawi said that «it is difficult, but it's too early to talk about the disintegration of these entities, especially as most of them representing a wide audience with a history major, so the object to this or that does not justify the end or the formation of the alternatives, but this configuration has been announced, but is in support her, and in particular of the INA as the largest bloc in Parliament and in the political life of Iraq », stressing that« the new bloc is not a split from the alliance As far as National is to give new impetus to the political system in the country ».

Chalabi was announced the day before yesterday in Baghdad, the formation of a «union of political forces and national figures in Iraq». Chalabi said in a press conference, said the bloc «includes a selection of the heads of parties and political entities and national figures finest, in addition to scientific talent, administrative and political», indicating that «the first task is to stop the repercussions of developments in the political process through initiatives that will put on the blocks and will present to the people of Iraq ». Chalabi added that «this union is not a political bloc in order to contest the election so much as a project has programs for construction and development», stressing the need to «enter the national phase of the competition for the construction and exceed all the seeds of discord and confusion in all colors and forms». Chalabi and the student need to «stop the conflict between the political blocs and between political leaders, which lasted a long time», calling to «prepare a program to build the country vie for everyone».

For his part, called the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to give priority to the higher interest on personal interests. Sadr said in response to a question by one of his followers that he calls al-Maliki with the approach of the deadline granted to him to offer the public interest on its own, confirming the lack of response from the latter with the terms of the letter «, thinking that we want to abort it». He said al-Sadr on his mind as the clock ticked have been identified for the Prime Minister, and whether there are signs of easing the political crisis, or if there was a response with the terms of the message by al-Maliki «I hope from the National Alliance and Prime Minister Brother Nuri al-Maliki to make the public interest on its own. He said al-Sadr, that «To this day there is no response with the message», pointing out that «Maliki think we want to abort it, but we want to support the people and the unity and strength of his government». The chest may carry a message from the meeting in Arbil, also participated by President Jalal Talabani and Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani and the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi and the Iraqi parliament speaker Osama Najafi message included a list of demands in the forefront of implementation of agreements Erbil within 15 days, ending on 17 of the month current or face censure him.

Al-Sadr confirmed for participation in the conference was held in the city of Najaf under the title «Fatima Zahra», that he described as «occupied» had tried him out of Iraq by spreading the charges against him and stigma b «terrorism» and sectarian, stressing that it is not Btaúfa «and I continue to inject the blood of all those who say there is no god but Allah ». He pointed out that, while considered himself a Shiite and an advocate and sponsor of a son to the children of Barra and the rest of the year religions. Sadr said in a speech during his attendance at the closing session of the Conference said, that «the oppressive occupier sought to get us from you sowing discord and evil, and the dissemination of rumors against us because of our resistance to the occupation and accused of terrorism and sectarianism, and I am not of this nor of that», asking «Is targeting the occupier and his forces tanks and a terrorist and sane view of the occupied land and desecrate silent », adding« I though I consider myself a Shiite and an advocate and sponsor of a son to the children of Barra and the rest of the year honored religions », as he put it.

He stressed that he was al-Sadr is still «a protector of the Sunnis, and all sects and religions from inside and outside of Islam», calling b «Islamic unity under dire humanitarian Zahra». Addressing the audience chest saying «I ask you, if you hear anything against me or against Voalmona of refuge before the judge on», stressing that «does not differentiate us from the blows of the shrines or mosques, we are all singing brings us together Islam and peace. He said al-Sadr «I am sure that we are with you as much responsibility, and we are the generation that can build one nation, far from killing and trapping of Islam prevail and peace».