Blocks to call a meeting in Baghdad
21/05/2012 0:00

Talabani holds eight points and the national meet to respond to a paper for the meeting of Najaf .. And al-Maliki and Hakim agree insights in solving the crisis of Baghdad, in a move aimed at resolving the political crisis worsening, called on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's political blocs to hold a meeting in Baghdad, after support for the initiative of President Jalal Talabani during a meeting took place between them yesterday.
The invitation of Prime Minister in time it decided the National Alliance held a meeting of the whole political view in a meeting in Najaf yesterday.
and discuss the President with the Prime Minister the current political situation in the country and ways to reach a national accord permanent and stable in the country. and the transfer of a presidential statement Talabani reiterated during his meeting with Maliki yesterday that "Dialogue is the only way to overcome differences and crises," stressing that "the presidential statement The eight points include visions and ideas serve as a basis for such a dialogue should be conducted in an atmosphere free from tension and exchange of accusations and threats." For his part, al-Maliki its full support to the statement Presidential-item eight, stressing that "the role of President of the Republic as a sponsor of the constitution which is the government and al-Faisal at the differences." and added that the invitation Talabani to inclusive dialogue of all parties stems from his commitment to Iraq's stability and prosperity of its citizens. and the president had called for in a presidential statement to stop the media campaigns, mutual, and the adoption of the Constitution as a reference and a commitment to the Convention on Arbil, and a commitment to the principle of partnership in the management of power, and stick hard to the principle of separation of powers with the complete implementation of the commitments set forth in the Constitution and the adoption of laws and key legislation. Prior to the meeting, the Prime Minister a letter to the political blocs, called where "all parties and political forces to activate the national dialogue and the adoption of the constitutional approach and mechanisms of democracy to solve problems." He continued in the letter received "morning," a copy of which was: "I renew my call to all of you to the meeting under one tent is our capital, all of Baghdad, dear, without preconditions and terms and positions ready for any party, to look to solve our problems on the basis of law and the Constitution without the negligence of the agreements that have been reached during this period as long as constitutional. " In turn, agreed to head the Supreme Council of Islamic al-Hakim with the view of Prime Minister, as he said: "The Supreme Council finds that the solution to the current crisis is the need to go to the national meeting and the agenda for dealing with outstanding issues." As MP for the State of Law coalition peace Maliki said the political body of the National Alliance will hold a meeting soon to discuss the message that emerged from the meeting of Najaf and respond to them. also confirmed a spokesman for the Iraqi List, Maysoon al that "there is a breakthrough soon to the crises and solutions close to outstanding problems," indicating that "the national project, began verifying the marginalization of any political party by the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance and the coalition in Iraq. "