Urgent .. Barzani told Baghdad: You must be Ssayastna oil cooperative coordination and not to fight and revenge

SUNDAY, MAY 20 / MAY 2012 11:27

Twilight News / The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Naچervan Barzani, on Sunday, the need for coordination and cooperation between Arbil and Baghdad over oil resources, "Do not fight and revenge," pointing out that the political province's oil and its law in this area was reflected in the services and the welfare of the people.
The interview Barzani during his participation in the conference for energy development in the Kurdistan Region with the participation of Turkish Energy Minister and specialized international companies, under the slogan "from Arbil to the world" aims to develop the infrastructure for the energy sector in the region, and the development work between the private and public, attended by "Twilight News".
Barzani said that "the provincial government is committed to working in the field of natural resources carefully and wisely so that the oil and gas source for the welfare and happiness of the people," stressing "to continue to strengthen our economic and trade relations with countries in the year to serve the interests of all parties."
He said Barzani, "We are unlike some officials in the federal government in Baghdad believe that he should be our policy in the field of energy and natural resources on the basis of cooperation and coordination, not to fight and face the others and reprisal," explaining that "the natural resources should be spent in the service and interest components of Iraq."
He Barzani said, "This successful policy has put the region at an advanced stage to make their mark on the map of the world's energy is no doubt that oil and gas reserves in the province will have an influential role in securing energy for the world of the future."
And said Barzani that "the commercial and economic activities can contribute to the development of political relations at the same time be a factor in building strong relationships in all spheres of political, economic and educational," adding that "in recent years and as a result of the issuance of the oil law and Algaszew the province created a climate assistant for joint action and the Turkey's significant investment in the region and today has become the biggest foreign investor in the region. "
The Barzani said, "In the framework of our visit to Turkey, we highlighted the important issues designed to help us to build a stable and prosperous future," adding, "In the practical field, we take serious steps in promoting the strategic relations between Turkey and the Kurdistan Region is in the interest of all components of the Iraqi people."
Barzani pointed out that "there is significant cooperation in various fields especially in the field of energy," explaining that "the foundations of the main policy of the Kurdistan Region commitment to work in the field of natural resources carefully and wisely so that the oil and gas source for the welfare and happiness of the people."
Barzani also said that "the path of transition from the stage of dictatorship and destruction to the stage of democracy and the construction and reconstruction path of a long and often full of obstacles," stressing that "the attempt to change the old mental habits is not easy work."
However, Barzani "With this I would say we believe in the principle of learning from the past and take advantage of the experiences at the same time we are working hard to establish the individual's freedom and democracy and the rule of law and the labor market."
He said Barzani that "due to late approval of the draft law of oil and gas by the federal government forced the Parliament of Kurdistan in 2007 to issue oil and gas law in the province based on the Iraqi constitution," stressing that "this development we are witnessing now is a clear indication on how successful the policy that we followed during the past the past that we will continue our steps forward in all tranquility. "