Iraq: Irbil, Najaf Mojtmau make a firm decision to al-Maliki during the day

SUNDAY, MAY 20 / MAY 2012 08:47

Twilight News / revealed the Iraqi List, Sunday, for resolving the leaders of political blocs meeting in Erbil, Najaf, the decision to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki this week.
And met the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr at his home in Najaf yesterday with representatives of the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List and the parties in the National Alliance, to discuss a response to the National Alliance paper Sadr, was among five-year consultative meeting held at the end of last April, in Arbil.
The MP for the Iraqi List, to meet with the pink in the authorized Word for "Twilight News""The meeting of Najaf, which was held, Saturday, at the home of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in the holy city of Najaf was complementary to the Arbil meeting which was held in the presence of five leaders."
Pink explained that "does not have a Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the reforms it will be clear and explicit decision critical of the political blocs and a private meeting in Erbil, Najaf, in order to correct some of the tracks in the political process, service to the citizen and the common good and public."
The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr had traveled to Arbil, in the end of April last, on an official visit where he met with President Jalal Talabani and Massoud Barzani, president of the province and the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi and President of the House of Representatives Osama al.
Included a meeting of Irbil, signed by Barzani and Najafi, and Allawi and al-Sadr, emphasized that the option to withdraw confidence from the current government would be based in the absence of commitment to the implementation as stated in the letter within 15 days.
Political observers say that the consultative meeting between the leaders of the five, which was held in Erbil, the end of the month of April last, and its outcome is a protest against the policy of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in power, where partners described as "unique decision," as well as "dictator."
And the meeting of Najaf put the finishing touches on the implementation and the consultation paper Arbil meeting between the leaders of the five, and the states of the vertebrae in the correct path of the political process in the country, according to politicians.
He announced the chest, on Saturday, at a news conference after the meeting, attended by "Twilight News" that "political leaders agreed on the points that will serve the Iraqi people," without giving them or about the results of the meeting.
For his part, Speaker of Parliament Osama Najafi that "political leaders have worked on the study of the National Alliance, the answer to a message on the initiative of the chest," pointing out that "all options are open to the combined", in reference to the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki.
The majority of the components of the National Alliance excludes Go to withhold confidence from al-Maliki, saying that taking such a step at this stage is fraught with risks and enter the country deeper into crisis.