Mutlaq: withdraw confidence from the government in the absence of responsiveness with the orientations of leaders

The member of the Iraqi List, Hamid al-Mutlaq, a coalition of state law to respond to the wishes of the majority to address the new political situation and al-Mutlaq said that the insistence of the leaders of political blocs to address the political situation in the country and their meeting today in Najaf, in the interest of Iraq and the Iraqis,

Noting that if there was not a positive attitude of the rule of law to the letter of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr and the five leaders calling for reform of the political, we believe it will be concluded to withdraw confidence from the government. Noted that there is a joint press conference of leaders of the blocks will be held after the meeting said they declare it a joint statement lays out the map the political future of Iraq for the next period.This has been promised to the Iraqi List, recent meetings held by President Jalal Talabani, a confirmation and strengthening of the document issued by the meeting of Irbil, while confirming that the lack of commitment to Maliki by means withdrawal of confidence with him, said a spokesman for the Iraqi List Haider Mulla said in a press statement that the initiative of President of the Republic made the way for establishment of any new dictatorship in Iraq and boosted the national partnership and the implementation of provisions of the constitution, without selectivity, and the application immediately and unconditionally all political agreements that formed the government, especially the Convention on the Erbil, the mandate of the Prime Minister Batntin only. Mullah al-Maliki called on to implement the demands of the political majority, stressing that lack of commitment to the initiative and the initiative of Erbil Talabani means to withdraw confidence from the government ..