Kurdistan Regional Government is ready for dialogue .. And state law asserts that the law is "Faisal"
19/05/2012 0:00

Adoption of the smuggling operations are occurring on the borders of the region
of Baghdad - Al Sabah
as shown Kurdistan Regional Government is ready to open the door to dialogue with the central government, called for a coalition of state law to adopt the law "Faisala" to defuse the crisis.
said Deputy Prime Minister Imad Ahmed told a news conference held after the meeting with members of the Municipal Council of Sulaimaniya yesterday: "The Kurdistan region is ready to open nurseries for dialogue with the central government in Baghdad," stressing that it "did not close the door to dialogue for his rights." Ahmed said that "the problem between the region and the central government must be directed to the dialogue table to solve it," adding that "the Kurdistan region of his rights and claimed by resorting to the constitution."
and criticized the Vice-President of the Kurdistan Regional Government statements of the central government which it noted that the crossings border in the region became crossings of materials toxic to Iraq, "stressing that" the Kurdistan Regional Government and placed in the priorities the fight against the phenomenon of crossing these materials to the region or vice versa, "in approving the explicit existence of such operations, according to observers.
For his part, refused a coalition of state law "charges The offending "the presidency of the Kurdistan region of a person Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
The MP said the coalition, Abdul Salam al-Maliki said in a statement: "The accusations and defame a person of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki through the media from the Presidency of the Kurdistan region will not go unnoticed and we will have a clear and bold of them," noting that "the failure of the conspiracy led by regional president Massoud Barzani against the government paid to the threat to disclose secret documents alleged."
He called Maliki the Kurdistan Regional Government to "highlight those documents and legally by the competent authorities or to apologize and officially from al-Maliki," stressing the need to "uncover the Government of Territory on the confidential documents that I talked about, which is for agreements head of government with the region as it claims. "
and refused to deputies from the different blocks in the statements of the "morning", the language of threats issued by some political parties, stressing that the statements convulsive and threats do not serve the political process. As a student the National Alliance and the Iraqi List all parties commitment to the truce and not to hide the secret agreements, said the Kurdistan Alliance, its adherence to his positions toward the government.
came these reactions, days after the threat of the presidency Kurdistan to "expose" many of the policies of Prime Minister's Office, and they will announce the secret documents and agreements of interest to Iraqi political situation.
said deputy state law that "the law is al-Faisal in these charges and not just dumping on the media," adding that "these charges proof of the inability of the Government of the region to cover the failure of the political."
The Attorney-Maliki that "the policy of the ruling family that pursued by the presidency of the region towards the Kurdish people, make them look away to try to dominate the decisions of Baghdad, "adding that" the Government of the Territory, and when hit the national government democratically elected began receiving charges and statements, far from the truth. "
and MP for the rule of law that "the policy that followed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is to work according to the country's interests supreme and built to be bound by the Constitution and preserve the unity of Iraq and its resources, "pointing out that" this does not appeal to or in line with the whims of the ambitions of the characters which he accused of only their own interests. "
In the meantime, accused the Democratic Party Kurdistan researcher and journalist Michael Robin fabricating lies against the Kurdistan region.
said the Kurdistan Democratic Party in a statement that "Michael Rubin and his masters resort to lies and spin as a result bankrupt political," noting that "some of the characters and actors hostile to the experience of the Kurdistan region is trying to use some of the tools poor away from the values and ethics in this area. "
The American scholar Michael Rubin, said in the last an article in 14 security of this month that Barzani happy son of the Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani, bought a villa in the U.S. capital Washington, a value of ten million dollars, as he emphasized that the son of Barzani Mansour lost a game of gambling in the UAE, three million dollars.
He Democrat that "Michael Rubin, and some of the characters similar to him to publish the facts of misleading away from values ​​and ethics in particular, after the recent visit of Massoud Barzani, to America, and some countries in an attempt to minimize its importance," saying "they are the same Persons who have been spreading lies after each visit by Barzani to the outside. "
The head of the Kurdistan region visited last April the United States and some European countries, and then traveled to Turkey, before taking part in the UAE Conference on International Economic Order.
The Democrat that "the defamation of one of the members of the family of Barzani and involve his name in issues such as gambling in the state such as the UAE is the claim he traveled and defamation is far from the values, "explaining that" most of the Gulf states is not practiced where gambling already being prohibited under existing laws, and such a story is fabricated does not accept only the mind of Michael Robin weak. "