Congress expected the divisions within the National Alliance .. And others deny
On: Wednesday 16/5/2012 8:20

Baghdad / range
denied the leadership of the Supreme Council and the National Alliance MP Abdul Hussain Abtan news reported about the existence of internal splits may lead to divisions in the components of the National Alliance.
He Abtan told (range) "and the unity and cohesion of the National Alliance of all its components", describing the order out of the coalition to "difficult," he said Abtan "is not any component can decide to get out of the coalition that comes to decisions related to the leaders of the coalition."

And the MP for the mass of citizens that the statements convulsive that have been exchanged between the parties of the coalition are only differences in the views.
said Abtan The National Alliance will hold an important meeting during the next two days is the resolution of a lot of files on the paper Erbil, and that everyone will come to compromise solutions on outstanding issues within the alliance, indicating that access to such a result within the alliance will reflect positively on the rest of the political blocs.
The National Alliance MP Jawad Albzona had confirmed to the extent that these meetings are useless, and the blocks that fall within the coalition is seeking to gain time, no more, and added Albzona "Everyone was convinced that there is no solution to the current crisis," likely to see a coalition splits if it is to find solutions to the political crisis.
For his part, MP for the coalition of state law, Ibrahim Rikabi that the switch-Maliki ordered a special alliance and that the last meeting did not discuss the switch-Maliki or solution Parliament being focused on the need to resolve the political crisis and a national meeting in this period, and followed the stapes, the alliance president Ibrahim al-Jaafari will brief the President on the outcome of the meeting having prepared a paper containing solutions to all of the files, both with the Iraqi List, or with the Kurdistan region.