Kanani: Meeting of the National Alliance did not reach any agreement on the message of Arbil
Tuesday, May 15 / May 2012 08:32

[Baghdad - where]

The MP said the Liberal bloc Prince Kanani, "The National Alliance did not reach any agreement on a meeting of the Committee of Five in Arbil."

Kanani said in a statement to all of Iraq [where] the day that "the meeting of the National Alliance had ended in the second hour after midnight, without breaking out with positive results on the terms sheet of Arbil."

The political body of the INA held their regular meeting on Monday at the home of its president Ibrahim al-Jaafari and the presence of representatives of the blocks all affiliated to the Alliance During the meeting, trading in the political situation existing and review of bilateral meetings witnessed by the political landscape recently, has also been an exchange of views on what came in a letter Erbil meeting to get out a unified position about it .

The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr took part in the consultative meeting Quintet, which was held on 28 April, in Erbil and resulted from that meeting a range of courses sent al-Sadr in a letter to the National Alliance on May 2 the current most prominent of which give the government 15 days, which will end next Thursday, 17 of the month present to approve the decisions of the meeting and not withdrawn will be put confidence.