Asadi: the rule of law is ready to give guarantees of the truth of the blocks to attend a national meeting

Posted on Saturday, 12 May 2012 07:57 | | | Hits: 26
BAGHDAD / As said the National Alliance MP Khalid Asadi "The alliance is ready to give real guarantees for all the blocks and the political components that wish to hold the national meeting but provided the first sit to the negotiating table."
He said al-Asadi of the reporter and the news agency the future, "that all the blocks of the political are required to come to the table of dialogue to put an end to all controversies and differences that exist in the political process, pointing out that the question of giving guarantees to the political blocs is a matter of resources and the rule of law is ready to give guarantees to all the political blocs in order to attend the upcoming national meeting, especially as the rule of law is committed to implementing the terms of the Arbil only in respect of the Council of strategic policies for being incompatible with the Constitution. "
He hinted that "the current political process need to put the public interest of the country on personal and party interests and put the Iraqi List of terms mean from behind disable the successes of government and provoke a kind of internal crises, which is that they want to solve those problems triggered by itself, it shall come to the meeting the national first ".