Wasit (news) .. student council of Wasit, the Ministry of Finance to increase share of the province in the amounts of petrodollars after the announcement of the export (60) thousand barrels of oil per day from its oil fields.

The Vice-President of the Council Mahdi al-Musawi (of the Agency news) on Saturday: The Council called on the Ministry of Finance officially increasing share of the province in the amount of petro-dollar value of (3-4) dollars instead of one dollar a barrel after it has been exporting oil from the Ahdab field west of Kut, a 60 thousand barrels per day.

He added that the province of Wasit Light Ministry of Finance official letter about the share of the province amounts of petrodollars for a period of years, but there was no response by the ministry, noting that the province has prepared a plan projects this year within the budget of development of the region and seek to prepare other projects within the allocations amounts of petrodollars in order to incorporated within the enterprise services.

It is noteworthy that the Ahdab oil field west of Kut began to pump (60) thousand barrels per day, as well as for drilling the first well out of (16) wells in the oil field Badra east of Kut.