Let's Follow Up to Bank Stories
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Thread: Let's Follow Up to Bank Stories

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    Let's Follow Up to Bank Stories

    Like many here, I see bank stories..."It's going to RV on Thursday and I have an appointment with the banker on Friday" type of stories. So Friday comes and no RV. I would like to request that anyone who posts a bank story like that, promise to send a follow-up story. What did the banker say to you when you went in for your appointment? Surely the banker said something when you went in Friday. Please give an explanation of how you can have an appointment with a banker and then nothing happens. I surely would be asking my banker why we an appointment for nothing. I would like to hear "the rest of the story". After all, the banker's credibility is on the line. Do you want to bank with a banker that doesn't know what he is doing and doesn't really know what is happening?

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    You are soooo right!!!

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