Mass citizen: the national meeting held for the time being a matter of urgency
On: Friday 5/11/2012 6:57

Baghdad / range
counting MP on the mass of the citizens of parliamentary Faleh force a national meeting for the time being a matter of urgency and must be achieved as soon as possible. and said, in effect, told the "Euphrates News" that "all partners are starting to feel the need to solve all political problems in and out of bottleneck that exacerbate the crisis leads to a difficulty to find the views that will establish a strong government capable of leading Iraq are optimal. "

He added that "all parties to speed up the preparation of the appropriate atmosphere to hold a national meeting and loop around the dialogue table to be the process of offering outstanding problems objectively enable everyone to find effective solutions that can unite the views of all political parties and overcome all the difficulties that stand in the democratic process in the country. "
The national meeting called by President Jalal Talabani, was supposed to take place on the fifth of April, but the convulsive attitudes and not to compromise on the gains by some political blocs led to obstruct the meeting.