Urgent .. Kurdistan in response to Maliki: Iraqi city کrکok and identity کordstanیh and maneuver to win over your words chauvinists

WEDNESDAY, 09 MAY / MAY 2012 11:47

Twilight News
/ spokesman for the Kurdistan Region Presidency, Wednesday, that the statements of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki about the federal identity of Kirkuk "maneuver him to win over some chauvinists," asserting that the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, "the identity Kordstanih."
A spokesman for the presidency of the province amide morning Osman in a statement received"Twilight News", "Nuri al-Maliki detection of his true intentions regarding Article 140 of the constitution during his visit to the city کrکok yesterday," he said, adding that he "ignored recalled or even a reference to Article 140" .
The statement noted that "al-Maliki" Select the identity of his own کrکok, maneuver it to win over some chauvinists, "asserting that" upon the implementation of Article 140 and to allow residents to self-determination if کrکok کan wanted to solve the problem of the disputed areas. "
The statement stressed that "identity does not specify کrکok bring special forces brigades from Baghdad, and helicopter flights," and stressing that "the Iraqi city کrکok کordstanیh and identity."
The Council of Ministers of the Federal Government was held, on Tuesday, its in the disputed city of Kirkuk amid strict security measures carried out by the security forces came from Baghdad to secure the stability of the situation during the meeting, and the imposition of which strict measures at the entrances and exits of the city, also flew five helicopters in the sky of the city .
Maliki confirmed at the meeting that the identity of Kirkuk, Iraqi and should not overwhelm the identity of the other, he said in a speech during the meeting that the solution to the problem of Kirkuk is not achieved by force and diktat, but by the will of its people and their audiences.
Maliki stressed the need to be an Iraqi identity does not overwhelm the identity of the other, he said, adding that the city of Kirkuk, special features which represent the microcosm of Iraq and an example of brotherhood and peaceful coexistence among all Iraqis, and that this will continue and be enhanced coexistence between all components.