Maliki: differences between the blocks should not eliminate or marginalize the other
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Thread: Maliki: differences between the blocks should not eliminate or marginalize the other

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    Maliki: differences between the blocks should not eliminate or marginalize the other

    Sumerian News / Baghdad Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki on Saturday, the differences between the political blocs must be based on fixed rules is not to marginalize the other, or cancel or abort it, at the same time stressing the need to form a national partnership is able to promote the construction and ages.

    He made it clear in a speech during the memorial held by the Supreme Council on the occasion of first anniversary of the death of former leader Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, that "political differences must be in accordance with the rules exclude the abolition of the marginalization and determine how the other", noting that "the return to the marginalization or miscarriage political means the return of Iraq to the stage of the former regime, which was divided into categories of Iraqis. "

    The former leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Abdul Aziz al-Hakim died in the twenty-sixth of the month of August of 2009 in the Iranian hospital after a long battle with cancer.

    Maliki said that "the differences should not include the unity of Iraq, but must work for the country and commitment to address challenges of terrorist al-Qaeda and its formations," noting that "the challenges facing Iraq are still many and need to further cooperation and to circumvent the search for commonalities that unite the political positions ".

    It seems that the conflict between the political blocs on the eligibility form the Iraqi government reached a climax, especially after the operations of mutual rejection between them and even inside their candidates for the post of Prime Minister, rejected the Iraqi List and the Iraqi National Coalition Maliki's nomination for a new term, while refusing the National Alliance and Maliki's coalition Allawi's nomination for the position as Sadrists reject any candidate from the Supreme Council for the post, while insisting on the Council nominate a person from the inside because he felt that not getting the prime minister put his political future would mean the unknown, especially after the decline in the number of seats in parliament from 30 to nearly 17 seats.
    Press reports had said that the discussions of the Iraqi List, obtained 91 seats and state law Her 89 seats, on forming a government hampered by several fundamental differences most notably paper the law of the Political Council for National Security, which insists the Iraqi List, to pay the law and give him Kmensb law of the state for its presidency of the government, in while emphasizing the rule of law in political decision-sharing between the two lists with the Iraqi government and give the presidency of the Political Council of Iraqi.

    The political blocs have failed to find solutions to end the crisis the government and reach a dead end, after almost five months after the parliamentary elections on the seventh of last March, also failed to Iran and other regional states to find consensus between the political blocs to form a government, which made the U.S. Nations have increased fears of a collapse of the political and security situation in Iraq, especially with the approach of reducing the number of U.S. forces end of the month to 50 thousand troops. politics news.html&prev=/
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