After his quest block arming the army .. Barzani is determined to sign a diplomatic exchange and purchase of weapons from Israel 5.03.2012 0:00

The future of Iraq / special
said exporters Kurd "Islamic" that "re-arm the Iraqi army and restore combat capabilities is the hub controversial between the central government and the Kurdistan region," pointing out that "the mediations conducted by several bodies were designed to bridge the gap in views between the center and the region, but failed."
The source, who declined to be named, that "the Kurdish leaders made ​​presentations to the major countries, including America, great offers to keep Iraq without weapons, air defense or ground," adding that "the Kurdish leaders seek to keep Iraq as part of its military capabilities weak" , The source continued that "round the Gulf of Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, included in the schedule subject of arms," ​​pointing out that Barzani "hoping for help," the kings of the Gulf "in achieving its goal."
The source added that "Barzani display by his representatives at Prague offers return for the cancellation deals with the government to arm Iraq with aircraft modern. "
This comes at a time trying Barzani to buy planes from the government, "Israel" in exchange for signing the Convention on the exchange of diplomatic representation between the region and between Tel Aviv, as stated a source close to Barzani, did not clarify the source mechanism of the timing of those conventions .