Mohsen Saadoun: Paper for the National Alliance for Atakhtlv paper Arbil
Date: Thursday, 03/05/2012 11:26

Baghdad / WAP / Vice-President of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc of parliamentary Mohsen Saadoun that the paper submitted to the National Alliance on the national agenda of the meeting did not differ from the final paper of Arbil.
And Sadoun said in a statement to the News Agency Baghdad International / WAP / the paper Arbil, the nine main themes and necessary and these themes with several paragraphs the differences and the agenda is the same these points and did not differ by never, but at length and more Tfasila too.
He noted that the politicians will return to paper Arbil being carries with it the center of everything and eliminate balances and other things, calling for the implementation of all agreements that have not been applied so far in the paper and Erbil, and find a compromise formula for the existing political forms.
The National Alliance was announced, the completion of the decisions and proposals of the Convention and delivered to Arbil, Iraq to prepare for the national meeting. As deputy said Khalid al-Asadi, the paper included most of the issues on the Square discussions of the Preparatory Committee for the meeting the national.