Bahaa al-Araji: The ball is now in the court of Talabani for the success of the national meeting and he has to set a date soon to be held
Wednesday, 02 May / May 2012 14:38

[Baghdad - where]
The head of the parliamentary block free Bahaa al-Araji, the ball is now in the court of President Jalal Talabani to the success of the national meeting and he has to set a date soon to take place.
He said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "In the last meeting had been assigned to members of the Preparatory Committee of the National Alliance, a personal agenda draft acts the national meeting was the completion of the draft since last week and was sent to President Jalal Talabani as the sponsor of the meeting In turn, sends a copy to the coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan to express their observations if they had comments, and if there are observations then your calls for there to be a status conference with his presence for an end to the observations and if they were not there then your observations of the President of the Republic determines the meeting. "
Araji said, "Today the ball in the court of the President and if he wants the success of this meeting to set a date soon to take place, noting that" the paper agenda to meet the national not provided by the Alliance's desire him, but the desire of the other parties and this paper with three axes of the first is the principles which the principles of the meeting the national and the second commitment to the Constitution, without selectivity and the third the remainder of the Convention of Arbil and then schedule entry details uncles is in the details of Iraq's problems in general is not limited to a specific institution or a province or territory, but all the problems of Iraq and the three gates of the problems of legislative power and the problems of executive power and the problems of the judiciary The fourth axis is the follow-up committee of the Preparatory Committee is following the same implementation and development of the ceilings of time to these problems.
He pointed out that "the situation is sensitive and complex issue and must be large to hold a national meeting and to finish the work of these problems and are the paragraphs of the national meeting is a map of action for Iraq after the liberation."
The President Jalal Talabani tries since the end of last year's national meeting was held with the participation of the political blocs to resolve their differences, particularly between the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi and the State of Law Coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki as well as the differences between the Kurdistan Alliance and a coalition of state law.
The Preparatory Committee held eight meetings, most recently last week, which was attended by the Iraqi List, because of the announcement of the futility of these meetings, the Committee decided to assign the representatives of the National Alliance, the organization of work schedule proposal will then present to the members of the Preparatory Committee for comments about it in order to submit after the agreement was to President of the Republic to determine the date of the upcoming national meeting.
The National Alliance announced in April last accomplished a draft working paper and the forthcoming national meeting, and that he will call a meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the purpose of the adoption of the proposed draft agenda for the national meeting.