Abadi meets the Nineveh operations command and sets the zero hour to release the connector

2016-10-13 at 16:24

Special the balance of news

Detect Nineveh Council Member Liam Abbar, Thursday, holding Prime Minister Haider Abadi, a meeting with security commanders responsible for editing and selecting zero hour of edits, indicating that it had been agreed to share the popular crowd in Tall Afar and clans axis across town.

Abbar said, to balance news "Prime Minister Haider Abadi, held a meeting with the leadership of Nineveh operations and security leaders will edit battles connector".

"The meeting identified the zero hour launch operations which will be announced in the coming hours", stating that "sectors will participate in the edits is a band 17 and 15 Iraqi army counterterrorism and fifth federal police and local police to catch the ground after liberation, as well as a number of armoured brigades and aviation strengthened international coalition."

Alabbar said that the "popular crowd was agreed to participate only in Tal Afar axis edit ltlaver regions, with the crowd will edit the tribal parties connector only.

Alabbar, that "axis is selected in ways that are far from the Turkish presence and coordination with the international coalition not to move any action by Turkish forces during the battles and non-interference."

It is said that the International Coalition on Thursday confirmed the readiness of the Iraqi army to liberate the city of Mosul criminal organization control over ISIS