Specialized financial and economic court would understand and resolve the banking shenanigans

13/10/2016 13:49

Financial and banking expert, said Dr Sadeq al-shammari to departments, private banks towards resolving file proceedings against directors Commissioners.

Recognized the importance of demand banshaz specialized financial and Economic Court includes experts to solve the banking problems and to protect the banks from failure to understand the origin of the problems where charges to private banking departments.

He explained that scattered among several courts led to the loss of rights of banks for reasons known to all, so it has to be a specialized Court understands how to deal with such issues.

This has been the dalmh attack banks departments and accusations are right led to banking competencies banks dump because of the moral and material damage sustained by them while the country needs in these experiences to build a coherent banking system

It should be noted that the head of the Parliament's Economic Committee took it upon himself this file