Industry and agriculture ministries have hatched a plan to market a urea

2016/10/13 10:32

Put the fertilizer industry company, affiliated to the Ministry of industry and minerals, in collaboration with the Ministry of agriculture, a new marketing plan to drain its production of urea.

He said the Director of the Center for media and public relations at the Ministry of industry and minerals Abdul Wahid Alwan Kaur in the statement all Iraq [where] a copy today that the company has already signed contracts with the General company for agricultural supplies last processing quantity 40 000 tons of urea expandable and 150 000 tonnes for the remaining months of 2016 ", declaring" the Ministry of agriculture processing of 150 thousand tons during the current year under those contracts. "

He pointed out that the company is heading for a new marketing policy in coordination with the Ministry of agriculture to new contracts and conduct their production stack in stores of 43 thousand tons "," Ministry of agriculture-processing company is ready with the amount ranging from [1500 to 1700] tons per day and production up to [1000] tons per day.

Shammari said that "the economic and security conditions in the country have contributed to poor marketing of agricultural land occupation by ISIS and limited financial allocations granted to government institutions in addition to the security measures taken by Baghdad recently operations to prevent the entry of chemical fertilizers to the provinces of Baghdad, Diyala, called" security cooperation and facilitate the entry of trucks carrying fertilizer to the cities of Baghdad, Diyala for the delivery of fertilizers to Agriculture Department stores. "