Emotions grace calling on the government to allow the PKK to open offices in Baghdad and the provinces

2016-10-13 06:35:39 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

MP has called for reform emotions blessing of the Iraqi government to allow the front of the PKK opened its offices in Baghdad and the provinces, demanding at the same time the international community to condemn the Turkish incursions into Iraqi territory.

Said in a statement reported by its press office today: "The PKK does not constitute any threat to Iraq 's security and nothing to do with the Iraqi issue at all, and on the other hand , is fighting a war against al Daesh terrorist is backed by Erdogan 's government, it has been closed the headquarters of the party in Baghdad in the past Previous American pressure Turki without justification, while in the Kurdistan region are still provincial authorities to prevent this party from exercising any political activity and suppressing elements and detained, especially in Erbil, Dohuk, and the Iraqi government today to allow him to open offices in the capital Baghdad and the Iraqi provinces formally and publicly as long as he is committed to controls ".

On the other hand , said a blessing , "said Erdogan , who lives illusions of the Ottoman Empire which involved with bygone eras bragging today that Protector Mosul and that he seeks to liberate it from the grip of terrorists Daesh, while it is the protector of Daesh a beneficiary of the presence of terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq."

She stressed: "Erdogan is not a trustee on the connector, and if some customers asked him to do so Those traitors of Ashraf have no dignity and do not have any affiliation to Iraq, and is no stranger to them to make themselves puppets in the hands of this insane outcast by his people."

She blessing: "The shame of Erdogan after the uprising of the Turkish people and committed following of Qmaah and criminal practices of unspeakable forehead of humanity made him trying to divert attention from all these violations through the consolidation of the presence of troops at Camp Ba'shiqah and preparing for the occupation of Mosul when they withdraw Aldoaash them in the play was prepared in advance. "

He revealed: "The international community must condemn Turkish incursion in Iraq and held accountable for this ruling gang in Turkey and impose international sanctions", calling on the Iraqi government to "cut off economic relations with neighbor Turkey , which would be bad is affected by the economic boycott."