America calls on Baghdad and Ankara for calm
[Where - Baghdad] The
United States urged Iraq and Turkey to ease the tension between them , especially after the violent controversy that erupted between the leaders of the two countries at a time when preparations are under way to launch a large - scale for the Liberation of the city of Mosul from terrorist gangs Daesh attack.
She said the US State Department in a statement , We consider that all international forces in Iraq should be an agreement and coordination with the Iraqi government , under the auspices of the international military coalition that US - led coalition against Daesh." The
statement added that All sides should coordinate with each other in the document in the coming days and weeks to ensure unity of effort in order to defeat the Daesh. "
attacked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday, strongly Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, in the light of the continued bickering rhetoric between the two officials on the background of the presence of Turkish troops in the northern city of Mosul .
Erdogan said in his speech , speaking of al - Abadi: "it hurts, and tell him you do not clammy and I am not my way, and Asrakhk in Iraq does not matter to us at all, we will do what we want, and you have to learn it, and you have to commit yourself first . on he said.
the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, said the "Iraqi sovereignty is a red line and on Turkey to respect our sovereignty , pointing out that we do not want to enter into a conflict with Turkey and the Turks thought that their presence in Iraq picnic for them."
he pointed Abadi , through the coordinating body Conference Supreme provinces , which was held Thursday in the Baghdad governorate building, There is no justification for the Turkish presence in Iraq , which is dangerous and the government did not ask for any presence of Turkish troops , stressing that "Iraq in which any foreign power does not exist .
as Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi 's response to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan , who strongly attacked him on Tuesday .
Ebadi said in a statement his office had received [where] a copy of it, "certainly not Nada you, we will liberate our land is not the intention of the men and Balskaab." Referring to Erdogan 's appearance via Skype program during his speech to the Turkish people in the military coup "alleged" witnessed in Turkey on 15 July.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs submitted a request to the UN Security Council to convene an emergency session to discuss the Turkish overtaking on Iraqi territory .