Kanani: The adoption of banks file
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Thread: Kanani: The adoption of banks file

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    Kanani: The adoption of banks file

    Kanani: The adoption of banks file

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    Private Economy News .. .... Baghdad

    Chairman of the Economic Committee greeted the Iraqi Parliament Mr Ahmed Kanani a number of gentlemen former managers their own banks.
    During the meeting, a comprehensive review of its own banks of unfairness due to take them to court.

    He said the international financial and banking expert Dr Sadiq al-shammari said such actions led to dump banks banking competencies and experience which are the most expensive country in such circumstances to build a banking system capable of supporting the Government's economic development
    "We've been exposed to serious moral damage in cases and lawsuits against us, for injustice and restore their executives.

    Kanani said mp Ahmad promised/Chairman of the Economic Committee in the Iraqi Parliament adopted this file and try to resolve it at the highest level and returned an honest doctor Kaur says: praise the great and important role played by the Association of banks in ways both judicial and parliamentary and Executive doors for closing this file which impede the development of the banking sector.

    The meeting was attended by Messrs portentous kaftan/Managing Director for North Bank previously and adored the conduct honest/Managing Director of the National Bank, Director of public relations at the Association of banks-Mr Majid Michel.

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