Legal representative: 2017 budget to parliament next week table

2016/10/11 7:52 729 visits readable

{Baghdad} Euphrates News revealed the legal committee member of the parliamentary Salim Chawki, Tuesday, that the Federal Budgeting Act of 2017 will be on the table in the House of Representatives next week.

He said Shawki told {Euphrates News} today that "the Legal Committee to adopt a number of laws of the most important of the Judicial Authority Law and the Supreme Judicial Council and the prosecution of the Federal Court."

He pointed out that "some of these laws came to the stage to vote into law the public prosecutor of the Federal Court, the Judicial Authority Law is heading to the first reading."

"We are waiting for the federal budget bill this week to work on them, while oil and gas law is still in the corridors of the government has not arrived yet, in addition to modifying the Justice and Accountability Act."

The House voted in 22 of the month of September to the draft Judiciary Oversight Commission and submitted by the Legal Committee in view of the changes taking place in the period following the issuance of supervising the Judicial Law No. 124 of 1979 and to keep abreast of changes and compatibility with the new legislation and to ensure good performance in the judiciary components Alathadah.anthy And