Samarra medicine sign partnership to invest factory Babylon medical syringes for 25 years.

2016-10-11 12:20

Baghdad the balance of news

Signed General company for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies/Samarra SDI partnered with c company of the pharmaceutical industry and medical supplies for medical syringes Babylon factory investment within the new company plan to invest and exploit its plants and restart stalled and the introduction of modern technology tools.

He said the Director of the Center for media and Public Affairs Ministry Abdul Wahid al-shammari said in a statement received/balance of news copy, that "this partnership requires investment of Babylon factory for 25 years that investing company is committed to pay the salaries of employees of the factory according to the timetable that has been set up, adding that the contract included qualifying factory buildings and operation and modernization of production lines and machinery and equipment plus maintenance using the latest technology means universally adopted and shape that ensures achievement of nodal capacity according to the work plan provided by The company invested on production according to GMP requirements for ministries of health and industry.

Shimmari stressed that "the Samarra pharmaceutical company will get a share of net production by 7% of capacity of 80 million factory Babylon injectors injected annually and 5% in terms of added products to be driven ratios based on completed contracts with the Ministry of health and the private sector."

On the other hand, the Implementation Committee approved resolution 92 concerning ownership condominiums of pharmaceutical company/valuation records for Samara apartments occupied by employees of the company and which numbered 150 apartment what contributes to minimize the sufferings of associate in this side that lasted several years