Al - Mutlaq: Allawi and al - Maliki will not return to office

2016-10-11 05:08:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

He Arab National Dialogue Front Saleh al - Mutlaq not return some vice presidents to office.

He said in a statement on Monday, said that "some of the Vice - Presidents of the Republic will not return to office until after the Federal Court decision declared unconstitutional the government 's decision to cancel their positions."

He said al - Mutlaq: "I'm not sure all of their return, at least I know that some people will not come back like Iyad Allawi , who told me on more than one occasion that he would not return to the post, and Nuri al - Maliki also said will not come back, perhaps another department of them will return," referring to Osama Najafi .

He said: "The deputy prime minister did not complain to the Federal Court was not one of them objected to the decision of then - Abadi, the objection came from the Vice President of the Republic only."

He said that " the Federal Court 's decision came too late and it was better not issued, because he left a long time from the life of the current government , " noting that he "was supposedly the decision a year ago to return and engage in their work, because the remaining time will not allow them to do the required Bmhahm also would anger some political blocs and segments of society to go back and pretend against this measure. "

He noted that " the Vice President of the Republic ceremonial positions they are political leaders have the task of finding a political settlement to resolve the problems outstanding in the country."

The Federal Supreme Court decided on Monday, unconstitutional Cancel posts of Vice - President of the Republic, after considering the invitations are kept by the former Vice - President Osama al.