One economist's opinion

10/10/2016 0:29

Maitham Laibi
Perhaps the word unemployment among the most common words that are circulating in the economy, politics and sociology alike, but also among the most words a cause for misunderstanding and interpretation of each of them. Political usually used as a kind of (goods electoral), promoted by (to buy) voters, while he deals with the interested in the meeting as a given (turnout) to advocate for (social justice) between the layers of the society.

Misfortune in us (economists), as we use this the term from multiple angles. In time, President Truman noted the economist 's dilemma, when he said: (all economists who work I say , on the one hand as well ... On the other hand , blah, blah ...) in reference to the perplexing economic, and gives the idea and its opposite in once, he added (Give me economically from a single point of one hand economist).

This is a sound, there is a lack of consensus on the type of operation that we want, so as to reduce Btaltna, as the term is used frequently misplaced. At a symposium attended two days ago, the lecture pointed out that the oil companies , which operate under licensing rounds do not employ a lot of Iraqis , which, it seems to condone a priori that the capital - intensive oil sector does not contribute , but at rates modestly in employment, and that the oil revenues are a must to invest in solving the problem of unemployment. Others see that everyone who does not work in the unemployed the government, and that he gets a big salaries in the private sector. Some argue that employs every graduate professional Wye in the state regardless of productivity measurements, justice and the need for , and others justify that government officials shall exercise such other work during office hours, and the disaster that there are those who believe that it is right that gets more salary in the budget.

(Economic dimension one) requires unifying visions in the area of unemployment, this economic realize that we have reached in the public sector to the extent of satiety, and that the body of the government is suffering from symptoms, and decisions such as stop employment and confined to the limits, and the assignment of retirement, and the granting of long vacations salary of my name, is the product of years a precedent of opening cord policies at liberty in front of appointments. This economic him to reach for the fact that the private sector is the larger the container sustainable for generations to come from job seekers. Finally, it is attributed as the blink of an (economic one dimension) to President Truman, attributed some of "the other hand" to GM when issued a declaration saying that: ( a major economic need to the opinion of one).