Russian Lukoil seeks to amend a contract West Qurna 2 field to increase production

2016/10/10 19:53

[In Baghdad]

Lukoil announced the second-largest oil producer in Russia, on Monday, she asked the Iraqi authorities to amend a service contract for West Qurna 2 oil field to allow the company to increase production from the field.

The company added that Iraqi oil Minister Jabbar Ali Hussein allaibi met with company President alone on kberov in Baghdad last Thursday, the Minister pointed to the need to create conditions for further investments in the project through appropriate adjustments to the current service agreement.

The statement quoted Lukoil kabirov as saying that "improving the economic factors of the project will allow the company to increase oil production at West Qurna 2 and which would also be useful to our partners.

Mighty oil Minister Hussein allaibi called by him in his Office last Thursday, President of Russian oil company Lukoil alone on kabirov to "expand the participation of a company oil through decades of investment in this area or participation in other projects that will be of direct by 2017.

Allaibi said that "the Ministry is working to provide all facilities and suitable work environment for oil companies," he said, adding that "the Ministry of oil began a new era and will continue to develop the oil and gas sector," pointing to "continue work in order to develop this important economic sector."

It is said that production at the West Qurna 2 field, exceeding 30 million tons of crude oil since the beginning of the production field in March last year 2014, the average daily production for the field reached 450, 000 barrels a day, and the total quantities produced for 2015, amounting to 20 million tons of crude oil. According to the Iraqi oil Ministry.

The West Qurna 2 field, she won the Russian oil company Lukoil qualify, under licenses and is one of the largest oil fields in the world, located in the province of Basra.