Cabinet decisions University positions and confirming the validity of Indian rice for human consumption [extended]

2016/10/10 19:17

[In Baghdad]

Monday's Council of Ministers, decisions and isolating exemption procedures University positions "validity and integrity of Indian rice shipment for human consumption after reports of corruption.

The Cabinet statement said each agency receives Iraq [where] a copy, "the Council of Ministers held regular meeting Monday chaired by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, and discussed many issues on the agenda, the Cabinet decided to approve accommodate ministries is associated with the Ministry of higher education [masters or PhD] Angel movement [that added about 5% by Council of Ministers decision No 196 of 2016], depending on the database available at the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs and a Committee chairmanship Minister of labour and Social Affairs to implement it. "

The Board also approved the recommendations on verifying the merits of ending commissioned Assistant College Presidents and deans of faculties and heads of departments in the Ministry of higher education and scientific research walmaninine and bureaucracy who orders two ministerial orders were contrary to law, as follows:

1/from valid judicial decision issued to the Office just to complete the unexpired term of Office.

2/the Ministry of higher education and scientific research, to study the possibility of relieved of his position contrary to law to post for the purpose of completing the assignment if the post is busy currently.

3/the above Ministry not obliging any exemption from serving as Dean or Assistant Chief of University of originality under ministerial orders.

4/directing the Office of the Inspector General at the Ministry earlier administrative inquiry is forwarded to the Secretariat of the Cabinet over the failure by the competent departments in the Ministry of legal and administrative functions in providing object to illegal exemptions that take him by andabt 14th State employees act of 1991 amended. that don't result from payments on the implementation of the present resolution.

The Cabinet agreed "to amend paragraph [first] item [3] of Council of Ministers resolution 333 for 2015, taking into account what is stated in item [2] above gives Deputy Ministers and advisers and directors and private degree holders and their degree recipients of allocations granted under special laws between receipt of allocations granted under those laws or allocations granted under this decision, and neither them combine these allotments.

The Board also approved by Ministry of higher education and scientific research with certification and documentation for medical and health college graduates after ensuring real or personal and with that support the application of the provisions of articles III and IX of the law include medical and health professionals for the year 2000 rate. "

In the area of the dams, the Cabinet agreed on the transfer and financing of its $ 2 billion dinars to the Ministry of finance for business and direct maintenance and address the damage caused by the terrorist bombings in building energy and irrigation tunnel entrance project great dam power station hydroelectric and invite the Chinese company Shanghai Noriko manufacture and import the paragraphs relating to maintenance ".

The Cabinet decided to "protect the Ministry of industry and mineral products for a number of electrical and consumer products and clothing walkabloat and preventive military acids and strips and aluminium cans.

The Cabinet discussed again subject of Indian rice and listened to a detailed report of the problem Department of commerce investigative Committee on the actions taken and local and international laboratory tests which confirmed the validity of the article for human consumption ".