Ports open container terminal Basra

2016/10/10 22:03

[In Baghdad]

The company announced Iraqi ports opened container terminal Basra.

A company statement said each agency receives Iraq [where] a copy, it's been the morning opening of the container terminal of Basra is a sidewalk contracted Iraqi ports with the Philippine company [ICTSI] holding a joint operation three docks and is doing construction at their own expense and give all these facilities at the end of the Decade Iraqi ports. "

"This achievement is the first since 1979 and the Ministry of transport and public company to pick Iraq gains made during the past period continues today within the curriculum and port development plan prepared until 2018 to reach 83 pavement to raise lmoanaena absorptive capacities through the creation of additional Quays for maximizing resources that urged by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of transport which are proud of today with its devastating ports opened the largest pier has a link with the shipping lines."

"It was also pitching for the first time [simulator] to simulate modern methods in containers on this platform 208 meters tall and about 35 meters with rear yards for containers with a total area of approximately 500 square meters and is equipped with two new bridges with three cranes [RTL] and other handling and transfer equipment project was implemented by a company [Basra MAS]."