News site: Victory in Mosul will strengthen the rule of Abadi

10/10/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 79

For the Baghdad government, there is no greater prize than the restoration of the city of Mosul. With the approach of the attack in the coming weeks, extremists are facing the biggest blow can be directed to the succession.

He says Haider al-Khoei, a fellow of the European Council on Foreign Relations in London, "We are not just talking about symbolic victory on Daesh group, but rather about a fatal blow alleged succession, but will remain a powerful terrorist organization and that its loss would increase its attacks in the West, Iraq and Syria in order to say that they still exist and that the loss of its capital in Iraq will not make them disappear. "

Battle of Mosul may be crucial for Iraq, analysts say, to restore them might help change the views of some of the government as vulnerable by convincing the new Iraqi military capability.

Units to fight terrorism and the Iraqi army is now preparing for the battle, and the Peshmerga forces are deployed near the city. Any military operation against Daesh risky because of the versatility of the extremists in the booby-trapping of entire regions and hide their movements for airplanes using burning oil and using deceptive wheels Humvees bombs and other Iraqi military wheels seized, but Iraqi officials were confident of the final result.

During this week's broadcast of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi first radio speech to the people of Mosul, who are suffering from increased violence Daesh in recent weeks against the fifth column, where he said "we will celebrate with you soon great victory in Mosul."

He promised to raise the banner of Abadi, Iraq's Mosul over again reviewing the liberated city names "that have returned to our homeland Iraq and to our people." In late September, the Iraqi forces dropped leaflets for people in southern Mosul, states, "Protect yourselves and do not be human shields for the enemy, and left the city immediately."

And defended Daesh group for some cities in Iraq, but its fighters Tlachoa in the latest confrontation in Fallujah, leaving Iraqi forces proud victory boosting Iraqi leaders are confident that the battle of Mosul may also be easy.

In the case of loss of grip on Daesh Mosul, there are various participants who have different expectations. Says Michael Knights, an expert in Iraqi affairs at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, "for the people of Mosul, they will end the nightmare and the beginning of a new era, the Iraqi forces are coming to the city Kqguat editor but not occupied."

The Knights "For the Americans the victory allows the president to wipe his hands of the Iraqi chaos and turns away as if everything had gone as planned. For the Iraqi government, the political victory large may boost Abadi's ability to combat all forms of militias and prevent it from taking over the country." .

Canadian Gen. Dave Anderson administrator Top of training Iraqi forces to victory, says Mosul is inevitable and will be a turning point against the presence of Daesh, and it's the beginning of the end and Daesh know that "We have seen signs of left leaders Daesh to their positions because they know what will happen, and Mosul will be free." But the way to edit may decide to shape policy in Iraq for many years to come.