Industry: reducing the prices of cement and crude material

10/10/2016 13:52

Iraqi Cement State company announced a Ministry of industry and minerals, said Monday, lower prices for high-quality products and factory according to local specifications and adopted internationally from normal and resistant cement noorah to support the local market at competitive prices.

The Director tells the Ministry Wahid al-shammari said in a statement "the economy news received a copy of it today, Iraqi Cement Company has doubled its production after the decision of Iraqi industry before the Cabinet to prevent importing cement walnorh for the purpose of marketing our products to its national suffering significantly in the absence of censorship and control over quality outlining foreign similar products of poor local markets."

"Reducing the prices of cement and crude material, both live and amortized in company laboratories scattered across Iraq and particularly cement plant of Najaf and Babylon cement plant and cement factory of Karbala, Samawa and of the highest quality and standard of cement resistor and plain and ful addition to both types of crude."

He continued to seek blessing between cement manufacturers for the public and private sectors and continuity in durability and increase production and reduce the prices of their products of walnorh cement in order to maintain smooth product on the market and control prices, calling on "the Government and the Ministry of oil to reduce fuel prices [black oil] which is 25% of the cost of production per tonne of cement for the purpose of continuing to reduce price support of citizens and State services and construction companies in the private sector."