Abadi of Karbala: the presence of Turkish troops impedes edit connector {Extender}

2016/10/09 17:03{Karbala: Euphrates news}

Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi said "the presence of Turkish troops impedes editing Mosul terrorist gangs of ISIS.

Abadi said at a joint news conference with the Governor of Karbala Aqil altarihi, your correspondent {Euphrates news} "Karbala Sunday treated light population Registrar that no equity because the visitors performed from all over the world", noting that "substandard" financial support.

He added that "Iraqi forces are the only ones on Earth for the purpose of ISIS" Iraq output, indicating that "the international coalition's mission will be training and providing air cover for combat forces on air, F16 involved strongly adhered to our intention to fight ISIS in Syria and the International Alliance creates this role."

Abadi said "release the connector preparations are going well and only Iraqi forces fighting on the ground, surprised at the insistence of the Turkish military presence on the land of Iraq."

The "popular crowd supported the security forces came as a result of the fatwa religious reference, is fighting for liberation of Iraq of ISIS", noting that "there are voices dissonant trying to discredit these forces hero who led its role in liberating the country from ISIS.

It was "whenever approaching release the connector appear there sounds dissonant is trying to block efforts in edited ISIS."

"We will not allow Turkish troops to participate in the liberation of Mosul but we can help them to return to their country."