Muthanna Electric Announces complete disclosures for investment contracts maintenance

Sunday 9 October 2016-12:56 pm

Muthanna, electricity distribution Department announced Sunday for complete disclosures for investment contracts to provide service and maintenance revenue in the electricity sector.

Muthanna electricity distribution manager said Ghaleb Al-yasiri told radio Marbad, to implement an investment project in this sector will solve all the problems of electricity services regarding maintenance and collect wages through pitching smart gauges, explaining that the number of houses that have been keep track of how many total 154 a dwelling in conservative areas pan add to the agricultural and industrial sectors.

He noted that the company invested bear wages plus maintenance compared to 13% of the funds withdrawn.

Spoilt yasiri said his requests for extended companies wishing to invest for 10 days after the period established by the Ministry to allow the largest possible number of companies to submit proposals.