Nineveh issued instructions to the people of Mosul with the approach of the liberation struggle

2016/10/9 11:35

[Oan- Baghdad]

Nineveh issued a command of editing operations, instructions to the population of the city of Mosul with the approaching date of the liberation of the city from terrorist gangs Daesh process.

A statement by the flags of Nineveh operations in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "for all citizens in the areas that will see large-scale operations, please include:

1. followers and instructions safety instructions.
2. Avoid gatherings and locations Daesh.
3. Non-displacement and commitment to housing.
4. Do not believe rumors Daesh and refrain from promotion.
5. supporting the FNL during provided
6. youth uprising as possible
7. making any useful information on the pockets of the organization.
8. protect public and private property
9. caught the ground and the liberated areas
10. prepare [now] for the post-Daesh.
She pointed to the safety instructions and preventive procedures to be followed during the start of intensive aerial bombardment, "noting that" air strikes will never target civilians at all, but as a matter of precaution, please save the following instructions:
1. Develop the adhesive tapes on the windows shaped [X] and then a plus sign [+], then The closing curtains.
2. separation of the gas tube completely and prefer them out outside the house the garage, garden or skylight.
3. switch on to keep up, and keep cutting wet and clean cloth.
4. The lack of crowd and assembly during or after the aerial bombardment for half an hour at least
5. prefers not to drive a vehicle unless absolutely necessary
6. closing water taps [faucets] located inside the house in a court.
7. Securities and jewelry and precious objects collection in a safe place and a secret.
8. prefer having a battery-powered radio to follow the instructions and directives that will air radio command.
9. prefer to go down to the Aoutie floors in the building and stay near the walls, not in the middle of the room.
10. not to use the elevators at all.
11. not to stand on the roofs of buildings.
12. keep calm and convince the kids that it's just a game, or the sound of thunder before the rain.
13. Stay away from front windows facing the street as much as possible.
14. keep bandages and sterilizing materials and first aid materials in the second room, knowing that disinfectants wounds [Sbarto] and [medical alcohol] is a fast-flammable materials.
15. Upon arrival of military forces does not try to get close to them quickly for any reason except after obtaining permission from Bowler on the military wheel summit, and after obtaining consent, not approaching them more than 25 meters [any rapprochement length of 10 small cars] distance, and do not in any movement a quick or sudden.
16. The best way to put out the raging fire in the person is wrapped in a blanket or a large piece of cloth and quickly
17. If anyone around you who are suffering from trauma tried to sign him and demand him to breathe into a paper bag or sack a small nylon] if possible.
18 - on women, not to scream as much as possible in order to preserve the psyches of children and the certainty that the bombing would not target civilians deliberately entertained.
19. not to use mobile phones, but the need for maximum or to report the existence of terrorist pockets in your region [will be published hot phones dedicated to this matter soon figures.
20 - to keep the amount of drinking water [10 liters per one adult and 4 liters per child under twelve.
20 - stay indoors as much as possible.
21. Be cautious about the news and rumors that will attempt to organize anti deployed to influence the morale and trying to manipulate the feelings of civilians, and not to believe rumors.