Oil gas production increasing to 2017 standard rate

2016/10/9 10:16

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} oil Ministry plans to increase the production of associated gas to oil operations to 2017 at the standard rate.

The Ministry said in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today, "Jabbar allaibi oil Minister held a meeting at the headquarters of the southern company in Basra, Sunday, with the directors of the national oil companies in Basra, Missan, Thiqar, besides oil departments and relevant departments in the Ministry to review the Ministry's plans to develop oil fields.

During the meeting, allaibi stressed "the need to move forward with increased oil and gas production by activating the national effort to add licenses companies to the remainder of the year 2016 as well as for the next year 2017."

"The oil sector in Iraq possessed energies and efficient elites that can achieve big breakthroughs possibilities available," praising "the work of Ministry companies terms and achievements over the past years."

He stressed "the need for progressive pace invest those energies of a national effort to increase oil and gas production rates during the rest of this year and next year 2016 2017 within plans and objectives set by the Ministry.

"The oil Ministry is working to provide all the facilities and appropriate working environment", pointing to "move forward on ambitious plans to develop the oil and gas sector, and that the Ministry's plan aims to achieve an increase in national production of associated gas to petroleum operations in 2017, adding the amount ranging from 350-450 million standard cubic feet per day, as well as the implementation of the Ministry's plans to develop oil fields and increase production."

"Transport Minister heard a detailed explanation of the work and plans of the companies to increase production within national effort and strive to achieve the goals despite the economic and financial challenges in the country".