Retirees losers from Tahrir Square Enterprises: beheadings and destruction of livelihoods


Baghdad -arac Press October -8: Hundreds of retirees of loss-making companies affiliated to the ministries of industry, agriculture and other ministries, on Saturday, to protest against cutting their pensions.

And halted public pension staff salaries, in October this month, Love retiring employees of loss-making under the guidance of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers companies.

The demonstrators raised the slogan beheadings and destruction of livelihoods protest against the decision to retire body.

The correspondent / Iraq Press / from the event for participants in the demonstration site, she "came to protest the decision is unfair to cut their salaries as a result of confusion in government measures that guided by referring them to the retirement decision of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers with the exception of the age requirement (50 years), and then returned to overturn the decision the last stopped their pensions. "

The demonstrators demanded the Iraqi Council of Representatives to amend the provisions of Articles (12-21) of the Unified Retirement Law of salaries and pensions firing again.

And apparently the Unified Retirement Law No. (9) for the year 2014 included conflicting clauses referred under each of these employees into retirement, while stopped their pensions according to other clauses in the articles.
Article (12 / III) of the law passed a competent minister or the head of the body is related to the Ministry hauling company employees and departments self-funded and loss-making for three consecutive years to retire if he had the service not less than (15) years an exception to the requirement of a lifetime ".

But Article (21 / I) of the Act necessitated the disbursement of pension to retired at the age of fifty completing except in cases of death and martyrdom and referral to retire for health reasons and retiring.
According to the provisions of subsection (ii) of Article (12) of the Act, the minister and the head of the body is related to the Ministry hauling covered by the description mentioned to retire who have the service of not less than 15 years and have completed the age of fifty years of age.

Protesters told our correspondent, that "a delegation of them represents a number of loss-making companies in the two ministries met last week, the head of the agency Ahmad Abdul Jalil, where the delegation demanded return of their pensions."
According to the members of the delegation Abdul Jalil denied responsibility for the body to stop the salaries "The decision, which came at the direction of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, which amounted to the Commission a letter from the Ministry of Finance."

He promised head of the delegation, the release of salaries in a month, said he "addressed the authorities concerned to stop the official books of the final decision and restore the stalled salaries and completion of thousands of transactions for retirees of loss-making companies." Ended (1)