Union forces, Allawi nominated the former commander of the Republican Guard Raad Hamdani and his refusal to defend Abadi
The news agency Buratha 251 07/10/2016

Seven candidates vying for the Defense and Deputy for Nineveh luckiest
MP for the Reform Front parliamentary Abdul Rahman Alloizi, Friday, short of preparing candidates for the defense ministry to the seven candidates, among the MP for Nineveh province , Ahmed al - Jubouri is Oovarham fortunate.
He Alloizi told I followed news agency Buratha " The preparation of the candidates to the Ministry of Defense has risen to the seven candidates, making the competition bubbling dramatically , especially among blocs of Sunni powers. "
He explained that the " national coalition nominated Hisham al - Darraji for the position, with feet coalition united Jaber as the sole candidate, while the speaker of parliament gave several names to the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi "asserting that" MP Ahmed al - Jubouri , is considered the front - runner because of its acceptable to members of parliament. "
The source of early detection first on Wednesday, on the nomination of the Federation of Iraqi national forces and a coalition led by Iyad Allawi , head of the Republican Guard former Raad Hamdani for the post of defense minister, while He confirmed that the prime minister Haider al - Abadi rejected his candidacy.