Some of the ration card items
Deputy calls for coalition forces to stop the ration card and trade diversion to the company self-financing


Long-Presse / Baghdad
MP for coalition forces Abdul Kahar Samarrai, on Saturday, to stop working the ration card system for a period of one year and the conversion amounts to the citizens, while the student to transfer the Ministry of Commerce to self-finance company by investing its assets.
The MP said Abdul Kahar Samarrai during a press conference at the parliament building and attended, (long-Presse), that "we call on the government to stop the work of the ration card system for the next year in 2017, for a period of one year and the conversion amounts to citizens directly through an electronic card for each Iraqi family."
He called the Samurai to "open up investment of the assets of the Ministry of Trade in Baghdad and all the provinces door over the next year in 2017, and converted into a self-financing and exempt companies from taxes to be able to compete with nonprofit institutions finance themselves."
It is noteworthy that the majority of Iraqis are dependent on content provided their ration card in their daily lives since the start of the international embargo on Iraq in 1991 after the invasion of Kuwait, with an estimated value of these materials per capita in the domestic market by about ten dollars not counting children's milk, while obtained them through the ration card $ 500 dinars, equivalent to $ 0.40.