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Rafidain Bank accuses departments and staff Mstlven to "circumvent" the resort's "electronic payment" to boost confidence


Long-Presse / Baghdad
Accused the Rafidain Bank on Saturday, some government departments and staff who wish to obtain the predecessor to "circumvent" the bank fudging of loan repayments exposing his money to waste, he promised that the trust between the bank and customers exposed to the "worst crisis" during the last period because of that, and with He pointed to resort to electronic payment for "strengthening the trust and confidence and encourage capital to appear and mobility" tools, pointed to a number of constraints faced by the bank.
Rafidain Bank said in a statement seen by, (range Press), "The Bank's economic unit self-funded and operates in accordance with the economic principle, contribute to the implementation of policies of monetary financial state and the people with surplus cash to serve and contribute to the provision of liquidity to the needy have," noting that "from the duty of the bank to provide the best quality services for all parties. "
He said the bank, that "the money deposited with him due to respond to their owners, while demand, which bear high costs to manage and provide other services to its customers," noting that "obliged to invest the available funds the bank so that he can pay the money deposited and the costs of administration and costs to achieve a return can pay salaries his staff and to achieve a surplus supports the state budget. "
He said the bank, that "it is unreasonable to lock the cupboards for these funds, but the use and reap the returns, but when his money is exposed to waste it with full angel been held accountable, sanctions and referred them to justice," pointing out that "mutual trust between the bank and the citizen is very important, but trust between the bank and customers exposed to the worst crisis in the last period and his money, which is money the citizens subjected some of them to theft and fraud. "
He said the Rafidain Bank, "These reasons forced the bank and for the balance between the duties, obligations and rights of all parties to put the stated controls lending aimed at the advancement of the and its services the banking sector and to implement the latest technology into the work and the use of electronic payment instruments and encourages the collection of rights electronically, to eliminate dealing with cash "explaining," this Madfha to set an electronic form for granting advances the adoption of one of the electronic payment instruments to impose control on the mechanism of action for the purpose of delivery of salaries and resettled in private savings accounts in order to allow bank customers to save what can be stashed away. "
And display the bank a number of problems and obstacles faced by the bank and its employees, not for sure, "his ability to be addressed, but the cooperation of citizens in the implementation of controls and compliance and re-exchanged between banks and citizens' trust service in the public interest."
The text of the problems that has offered the following:
- Some of the asylum advances and loans to make efforts to practice kinds of forgery and fraud on the bank's staff was the result first assignment of staff to commissions of inquiry are diverse and withhold their dues and have become in their files and curricula vitae lot of sanctions that hinder bring them the second and the result loss of the bank to the amounts of such advances, which have become part of doubtful debt debts and offset by a dedicated risk of 100% of the Akiemha.
- Some departments provided various endorsements for the staff, whether the borrower or guarantor and received a bank's health release them according to the contexts in force were granted advances and loans under and after a period of obligation to pay premiums are notified of these departments that all endorsements issued about is forged and issued them and their employees no income for them .. so I got another loss, but of another type.
- The borrower has signed a contract with the bank that includes the terms of credit and repayment and the circle by pledging to deduct dues Bank of Roatbh A contract obligation on borrower and his circle in all conditions, but noted that some departments and after a period of repayment Mstalafia evade its obligations, claiming that the law is required to deduct 1/5 Salary , primitive and lack of commitment to repay remains to the right of the contractor to the borrowers bank note that the money that was borrowed to them is money and deposits citizens is the duty of the bank replay them while medicine.
- The bank was subjected to another problem, which is that some departments refrain from reimburse employees arguing that the borrower and the guarantor inherent had left work and this is unreasonable as it's kind of fraud and complicity from some quarters for the staff to rob the bank.
- There is a paragraph in a contract granting the advance or loan clause that circle obligated to notify the bank about any changes you get in the employee service either transportation or retirement and must take measures stipulated in the contract or pledge and does not give the employee a clearance only after achieving the conditions for granting the advance, but we we were from some circles to refer their employees to retire without informing the bank and give them clearance from their constituencies, leading to reluctance and delay in the payment of benefits after a long period and the accumulation of benefits the delay and late premiums get up retired mediate and provide multiple applications to be excused from the benefits the delay and the payment of premiums and accumulated Tbdoua phase of routine correspondence and wasted time.
He concluded the bank saying, "The localization of salaries and full disclosure and transparency in the exchange between the bank and the government departments and the use of electronic payment instruments high and different techniques will enhance confidence and trust in the banking environment and economy of the country an environment which encourages capital to the appearance and movement."
The Rafidain Bank announced on Thursday for the failure to extend the employee whose age does not exceed 50, an advance ten million dinars, while the condition of owning employee smart card "activated" for the loan.
The Rafidain Bank announced on Sunday, (second from October 2016), the launch of an advance 10 million dinars for state employees during the current week, as he emphasized that he will begin to consider staff requests submitted via the website needed to take.
It is noteworthy that the Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives announced that, in the (25 September 2016), the staff advances worth 10 million dinars will be launched next week, and as revealed they will be spent through the card of "Ki-Card", stressed the conversion of some ministries loans on the Rasheed Bank .